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原料药业务:+86 15620629054 / ivyding@drughk.com、+86 15521024601/ laishujie@drughk.com

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The introduction of Guangzhou Huiying Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Huiying Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is an important part of the five-in-one overall layout of Hankang Pharmaceutical Group in China and a bridgehead for domestic and international linkages.
Relying on two well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, Hankang Pharmaceutical Group and Hiray Pharmaceutical (Jingmen) Co., Ltd., Huiying Pharmaceutical is based in South China and serves the world to help the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, improve the supply and security of domestic API, and integrate global API resources as the goal, give full play to its own resource advantages, customer advantages, talent advantages and technical advantages, relying on the research and development strength of high-end generic drugs and innovative drugs, assist cooperative enterprises to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, improve drug research and development efficiency, and accelerate innovation Drugs are on the market and contribute to the cause of medicine and health.
In order to enhance the international market position of domestic enterprises and reduce the monopoly influence of foreign enterprises on the domestic API market, Huiying Pharmaceutical will focus on high-end raw materials and characteristic raw materials to carry out marketing business of domestic and foreign API, intermediates, impurities and RLD. At the same time, due to the pursuit of green and sustainable development, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is paying more and more attention to industrial upgrading, process improvement, and pollution treatment capabilities. For this reason, Huiying Pharmaceutical has the ability to assist partners in achieving green and sustainable development in the future to seize structural opportunities.
In addition, Huiying Pharmaceutical can also provide customers with CMO and CDMO services, assist customers in extending the industrial chain from API production to formulation production, and finally achieve transformation and upgrading.
In order to meet the needs of customers with high quality, Huiying Pharmaceutical has also established an open drug research and development service platform, which has "integrated, end-to-end" service capabilities, and can meet customer requirements in terms of technical depth and coverage. diverse needs. At the same time, relying on the rich technical reserves and project experience of headquarter, four major characteristic API, high-end API production bases and high-end formulation research platforms, Huiying Pharmaceutical can more efficiently coordinate upstream and downstream sectors and better empower cooperative companies .
In the future, Huiying Pharmaceutical will take solving industry problems and meeting customer needs as its own responsibility, creating more social and economic value for partners, and creating a better future together!

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